CS 272 Software Development

CS 272-01, CS 272-02 • Fall 2021

Getting Started

This guide will help you get started for the first week of CS 272 Software Development with Professor Sophie Engle.

Zoom Lectures and Labs

Regardless of enrolled section, students may at any time attend any Zoom livestream or watch the recording of the remote section.

The remote CS 272-01 section will have the highest quality livestream and will be recorded. The in-person CS 272-02 section will have a livestream, but will not be recorded. Both in person and remote students will be able to participate.

The labs will be conducted remotely only. Please attend your scheduled lab section at the start of the semester. It is important we have enough people to assist students with setup issues during that time. Once code reviews begin, labs will convert to teacher assistant office hours. Students may attend either or both lab sections at that time. Since much of lab time will be spent in breakout rooms, labs will not be regularly recorded.

See the Getting Started with Zoom guide if you are unfamiliar with Zoom. Otherwise, on the first day, join the appropriate Zoom meeting for your desired section:

Section Date/Time Zoom Meeting
CS 272-01 Lecture Tue/Thu 12:45-2:30p 814 1567 8824
CS 272-02 Lecture Tue/Thu 04:35-6:20p 874 9134 1818
CS 272L-01 Lab Fri 12:45-2:30p 874 7336 2226
CS 272L-02 Lab Fri 3:30-4:35p 852 5343 4574

If you are on a waitlist, attend the section you are waitlisted for the first week.

Office Hours

Here are the Zoom links for office hours:

Person Date/Time Zoom Meeting
Sophie Engle Tue/Thu 2:45-3:45p 845 4807 7146
Bae Sung K. Tue/Wed/Thu 8:30–10:00a 840 9918 8151
Michelle Q. Tue/Thu 6:30–7:30p 880 0893 3587
Yordanos S. Mon/Wed 3:30–5:00p 856 5615 3829

Office hours are first-come first-serve.

Weekly Overview

Below you can find the current weekly overview for this class. This may change week-to-week, but gives you an idea of what to expect for most of the semester.

Subscribe to Calendar

You can subscribe to the following .iCal feed to show the lectures, labs, and office hours for this course on your own calendar:

Alternatively, you may subscribe to your Canvas calendar using whatever calendar service you regularly use. The calendar will show the latest deadlines for all the assignments.

If you have a calendar not listed above, see How do I view the Calendar iCal feed to subscribe to an external calendar as a student? for how to access the .iCal feed to import into other programs.